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Petoil Petroleum and Petroleum Products International Exploration and Production, Inc. is an independent petroleum exploration and production company that, directly or indirectly via seperate companies. Currently holds exploration and production assets in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Established in 1990, the company has a long history of pioneering in regions and countries of the Middle East and Central Asia. Petoil was the first private oil company to enter Azerbaijan in 1992 and Kurdistan Region of Iraq in 2002. It also operated in Kazakhstan, Yemen and Turkey.

Petoil is committed to safely producing energy in a manner that protects the environment, public health and supports our communities. Energy is fundamental to physical existence. It is as important as clean air, water and affordable food. We take our responsibility seriously to deliver resources to our energy needing world, and we hold true to our core values of integrity and trust, servant leadership, commercial focus, people and passion, and open communication in all of our business activities.