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Petoil is concerned with occupational health and safety and the protection of the environment for three reasons:


▫ Employees should be provided a safe and secure working environment

▫ Environmental issues are understood as a direct impact on quality and comfort of individual life.


▫ There is an economic base to occupational health and safety and the protection of environment


▫ Labor Law of Turkish Republic

The relevant laws and regulations of the countries where Petoil conducts its businesses also stipulate similar provisions.

It is a fundamental principle of Petoil’s HSE policy that, line management is at all times directly responsible for ensuring safe methods of working, safe and healthy working environment. Health and safety of the individuals are the main priority.

Petoil recognizes that, through implementation of good environmental management practices, all probable adverse impacts on the environment associated with the exploration, production and operation are either avoided or appropriately mitigated.

The implementation of the health, safety and environment policy requires the whole-hearted support of all levels of management and employee and acceptance of each responsible individual.

Petoil expects the full cooperation of its employees at every level in meeting the HSE policies.