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Petoil's inclusive culture promotes a creative, innovative and collaborative environment that helps fuel our pioneering strategy. Our views for a better working environment exceed our premises and we are encouraged to create a better surrounding in the areas we operate in. Being a part of the Pet Holding Group of Companies, we are aware of our social responsibilities and invest predominantly in education, health, culture, arts and environment. The following are several of our CSR activities.


• 2003 - Donation of clothing for 100 primary school students in Sulaimaniyah through Ministry of Education


• 2003 - Refurbishing a room in Cemi Rezan State Hospital


• 2004 - Donation of clothing and sporting goods to football, basketball, volleyball and table tennis teams of KEMAL SALIM               Sports Club


• 2005 - Donation of clothing for 100 students in Sulaimaniyah through Ministry of Education


• 2006 - Stationary and educational material donation for the students of four primary schools in the suburbs of Erbil


• 2006 - Renovation of a primary school in an Erbil suburb


• 2006 - Donation of clothing for 100 students in an Erbil suburb


• 2007 - Stationary, clothing and fuel donation to schools in suburbs of Erbil


• 2007 - Benefaction to the victims of a terrorist attack where 500 people lost their lives


• 2010 - Organization of Pınar Köksal's "Symphony of Love Concert" in Erbil


• 2011 - Benefaction to "Zeynep Tanbay Modern Dance Show" in Erbil